FlashFit Bootcamp



FlashFit Bootcamps vary from session to session. We do circuits, HIIT workouts, Fitness challenges & Group Games.


just £4 a session

FlashFit Bootcamps are a great way to get fit in a fun environment surrounded by people from all levels of fitness.


10 Sessions for £35

FlashFit Bootcamps will help you to lose weight, get fit, gain strength & learn how fun training can really be.,, 

See the Flashers in action:

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fast, fun & effective

Why Choose FlashFit ?

"Im Busy", "Im Broke", "i like eating", "i find exercise boring", "i dont like going to gyms",
These are all valid reasons/excuses that alot of us use when it comes to getting fit and eating healthy. FlashFit has been designed to Solve all of these by making making Health & Fitness, fast, fun, effective & affordable. 

If you love life and don't want to give up all the nights out, the cheeky chocolate bar, the Friday night bottle of red to help unwind then you will enjoy the way FlashFit promotes health & fitness. 

FlashFit is about finding that balance of keeping fit, eating healthier & enjoy your life to the maximum. Sound like a myth?? then hear what some of our Flashers think of the FlashFit way:

The FlashFit Way:


Each Bootcamp session is made fun but worthwhile. i feel amazing after each & every session.


FlashFit makes training less of a chore & more of a laugh. i love training sessions with FlashFit & i love the results i am getting.


i am not as fit as some others in the group but i never feel left behind. FlashFit makes me train to the best of my ability and makes me part of something truly special. I love FlashFit.

FlashFit Bootcamp Sessions:

Saturday - 9:30am-10:15am

All Bootcamp are held in Various locations around penarth, please book to find out this weeks location 

Thursday - 6:30pm-7:15pm