All this for just £39


Meal Plans

Realistic meal plans using easy to follow & delicious recipes.
No expensive ingredients or Shakes/pills just truly delicious and healthy meals using real Food.

The FlashFit Body Blitz teaches you how simple & affordable eating healthy really is


FlashFit Workouts

30-45 minute Cardio blasts & HIIT workouts. Each session is designed to be Fun, Fast & effective to help you lose weight, tone up, get stronger & feel amazing.


The Flashers Online Group

Hitting your goals can be tough & at times its not just during the training session that you need support, That's where the online Flashers Social Group helps! Everyone who is taking part in the Body Blitz has access to the Social group to share there stories, issues or just show off there beautiful meal they have prepared. This group is watched and managed by your FlashFit Coach & the FlashFit team so you always have there support in preparing your meals or just general health & fitness advice. 

Results with FlashFit:


"I lost over a Stone when i 1st Started with FlashFit and using there advice & regular fun training session i have been able to maintain the loss"


"i love taking Part in the FlashFit Body Blitz. i have learnt to cook delicious healthy meals, exercise correctly & made some truly amazing friends. Best of all i have lost nearly 2 stone & feel healthier than ever before"


"The FlashFit Body Blitz gave me the kickstart i needed to shift that stubborn belly fat & get me motivated to hit my Goals."


"I had never done anything like this before but once i started i knew this was gonna help me, i lost 9.5lbs in just 3 Weeks & over 11 inches all over my body. i am now motivated to keep going because FlashFit has shown me how easy it can be to achieve the results you want"


" i lost 9lbs & 11inches in During the Body Blitz & feel amazing. i feel confident in what i have learnt & that i will be able to keep the weight off. Had great fun every session & each session was made fun. Cant wait for the Next one to start"


"  With the big “40” rapidly approaching I decided it was time to stop taking refuge on the sofa every evening and have a look at what exercise I could do. A friend told me about FlashFit and I was doing the usual thing of nodding my head and thinking sounds good but new people etc just wasn’t my thing. Anyway, The FlashFit coach emailed me all the details through and before I knew it I’d confirmed my place on the Body Blitz. It was a dark cold evening and we all met up, I could instantly feel a buzz in the air, the banter started straight away and before I knew it we were jogging to our destination for our 1st work out of 2017. The cloud of the dark cold winter evening soon lifted and there I was side by side with many ladies & gents Of all different ages/sizes & backgrounds all doing the same thing, we were all starting off 2017 with a goal a goal to better our current situation and improve our lives. I can truly say I have enjoyed every session, admittedly it’s not easy but it’s also not impossible either! The Coach seems to have a natural ability to bring out the best in you without making you think you’ve just joined the marines! The support doesn’t end when you leave your workout, My phone buzzes all evening with the continued support of the group. The results are incredible we have all walked away from the first few weeks not only lighter but fitter and the sense of achievement is Second to none. As a group we have made so many plans for 2017 - I would 100% recommend this fitness group. xx "

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